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Sand & Fill

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Decomposed Granite

This processed decomposing granite might be just what you are looking for to use on your pathway or patio area. ..


Beach Sand - White

The softest and whitest of all the sands we offer.  It's not really from the beach but you'll feel as if you are there when you are building..


Play Sand - Premium

A finely screened and washed sand. Applications Include Play Grounds / Areas Landscaping ..


Play Sand - Ultra Fines

An extremely fine sand that is very soft.  Overall the sand is very fine but it will contain some rocks.  The rocks in the sand may vary in size, quan..


Play Sand

A finely screened sand (not washed) that is suitable for many sand box projects. Applications Include Sand Box Play Ground ..


Paver Sand 3/16"

A great compactable sand for patio and flagstone projects.   Applications Include Paver Base Flagstone Base ..


Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand for construction projects Applications Include Concrete Other ..


Baseball Diamond Sand - Red

Baseball Field Sand ..


Road Base - Commercial (SSG)

Mix of dirt and rock for backfill and subbase. Proctor available upon request. Applications Include SubbaseRoad Base Backfill ..


Road Base | Recycled

Recycled road base is produced from recycled concrete. Applications Include Subbase Backfill ..


Fill Sand

A mix of small crushed aggregate, fines, silt, dirt, etc.  Compacts will and is an economical solution for some fill applications...


Fine Screened Fill

And you were wondering where to buy dirt cheap dirt? Compactable dirt and rock mix that may be suitable for your next landscape or construction projec..


Screened Fill

The largest of our processed fill materials. Screened to 2" Minus for easier installation. Applications Include Backfill Subbase ..