Sod Removal Project

We'll remove your sod in preparation for new sod, xeriscaping, concrete work, etc. YES! Your per square foot rate includes HAUL OFF and DUMP FEES.  Price does not include grading, sprinkler work, repair to damage caused during removal, etc.  Depending on the size of your project we will remove sod by hand shovel, sod cutter, skidsteer, plow and/or excavator.  This service does not include the use of any chemicals, seeds, fabrics, etc.  Simply we remove the sod with man and/or machinery power.

Remove all sprinkler heads and other objects to prevent damage during the removal process.  Piping that is in the path of removal will likely be damaged unless properly buried at least 10 inches.  All electrical, gas and other utilities should be properly marked.

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Sod Removal Project

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