Double Side Dump Truck (Hour)

Double Side Dump trucks are great for commercial projects moving large volumes of material.  Keep in mind that the areas needed to load and unload these trucks must be large enough to accommodate these trucks that are around 100 feet long and limited on turning radiuses, inclines, unstable roads (mud, snow, soft soil, loose gravel, etc) and can't backup to maneuver obstacles etc.

 Frequently asked questions

  1.  How much can the trucks haul?  Answer:  They vary in size but will be rated to haul at least 12.5 Ton.
  2.  How high are the truck beds?  Answer:  Plan on having equipment that can load a truck that is 10 feet high.
  3.  How wide, long and tall are the truck overall size?  Answer:  Truck sizes vary but are at least 10 feet wide, 20 feet long and 12 feet tall.
  4.  Will I be paying the hourly rate for trucks that are waiting to be loaded, dump, heavy traffic, etc.?  Answer:  Yes.  Dispatch and drivers will make every attempt to keep the trucks on the best route and coordinated with other site conditions.
  5.  Am I charged for travel time to and from the job site?  Answer:  Please contact us regarding your start and stop locations of hauling to see if travel fees would be applicable to your order.

Easily schedule a truck for hauling your next load of bulk material.  Per load trucking is ideal for contractors that know what they need and where they need to get it from.  Please note that all materials picked up most of prior payment arrangement with the specified supplier.  Please be specific on the type of material that is to be picked up and provide as many detailed instructions as possible to help us make sure you get the correct product and service.  Any information provided by the customer that causes a mixup in the load will be billed to the customer for additional hourly charges, dump fees, reloading fees, etc.

Rate:  Per Hour

Double Side Dump Truck (Hour)

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