Shipping & Delivery

A little information about deliveries...

1)  Unless otherwise approved in writing we do not guarantee that an item, product, material, etc will be delivered to a certain location on the property, in the home or surrounding area.  Customer must accept at least a curbside delivery and provide adequate from for the products delivered.

2)  An estimated delivery date and time is provide and usually requested by the customer.  It is our goal to delivery on time every time but if for any reason your order is not delivered on time a discount or refund WILL NOT be provided unless otherwise agreed upon in writing before customers order is processed.

3) or subcontractors, freight provides or employees are not responsible for any damage cause to public property, personal property, neighbors property etc.

4)  Delivery quotes provided online via the cart estimator, checkout or other sections of the site may not be correct and all orders are subject to review and approval by  If the freight rates are incorrect or unable to be honored by the customer will the opportunity to cancel their order and receive a full refund or pay the difference in the increased rate.  Most common freight charges quoted may not include the individual weight for each product.

We may use the following methods to fulfill orders:

  • Dump Truck Delivery