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1" Oquirrh Gravel

1" Oquirrh Gravel

1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
1" Oquirrh Gravel
 / Cubic Yard

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1" Oquirrh. This is a fractured rock meant for landscaping.  It is Just the right size for many projects.  When 3/4" is too small and 1 1/2" is too big...1" is just right.

Applications Include

  • Xeriscape Landscaping
  • RV parking
  • Drain Systems
  • Pipe Backfill
  • Concrete Underlayment
  • Patio Subbase
  • Many other construction and landscaping applications.

NOTICE:  Product is unwashed and usually contains between 1-5% fines but never more than 10%.  Color and gradation may vary.  Roundness and sharpness may vary.

Ships ViaBulk
Product Information
AvailabilityOften Available
UnitCubic Yard
Cleanliness When DeliveredCleanliness may vary
UsageDriveway/Rv Pad
Concrete Base
Back Fill
TextureFully Fractured
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May 11, 2018
Was exactly what I expected.
Kevin C.
I was very impressed with the product and delivery. I was most impressed that the first load had to go back to be weighed again and they kept me informed of that and let me know that it was going to be delayed a bit. Also let me know when they where on their way. I will definitely work with them again
Admin Reply:
Thank you for your patience Kevin. We strive to get things right!
This reviewer recommends this product
October 17, 2017
Great customer service!
Mariann M
I had some problems with my rocks, too much dirt. They offered to pay for the whole load or bring new rock! They brought new rock and took the old rock away! Rock Utah was helpful and very gracious.
Admin Reply:
We are glad it worked out for you. Thank you for working with us as we resolved the issue.
This reviewer recommends this product
October 14, 2017
1" Oquirrh Gravel
Trieu N.
Excellent staff and great to work with. Order was delivered as promised and the driver off loaded the gravel as instructed.The Oquirrh gravel was as described and looks great. Please be aware that this is not pre-washed so do not give them review if you are expecting this to be washed/cleaned.Will definitely work with again for future projects!
Admin Reply:
Yes it is true that this rock is not washed. Rock that is washed real clean can increase the cost greatly and usually is needed for most applications. The Oquirrh products are normally a decently clean product for being unwashed.
This reviewer recommends this product
October 13, 2017
Excellent RV parking materials
Jane Doe
Excellent above and beyond service fantastic prices. Friendly professional I recommend this company to all
Admin Reply:
Thank you so much!
This reviewer recommends this product
October 13, 2017
Fantastic service!
Robert M.
Same day delivery, and exactly what, and where we needed it to be dropped!
Admin Reply:
Many times we are able to accommodate same day delivery depending on location. We can most likely always schedule you within the same week. Thank you for your review!
This reviewer recommends this product
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