How do I figure out how many CUBIC YARDS I need? 

On the product page of the material you are purchasing there is a cubic yard calculator. You'll enter in the dimensions of your area and the depth you need to install the product. When figuring the depth keep in mind the size of product you are installing.

  • Soil - Could be installed as 1" but as thick as needed for your project.
  • Gravel - Commonly installed between 2-4" depth. Larger gravel would need to be installed thicker.
  • Cobble Rock - If your cobble rock is sized 2-4" than your minimum install depth should be 4 or 5"
  • Wood Chips - Thin as a couple inches or as thick as need for your project.
  • Sand - Depending on the need of your project sand depth may vary from an inch up to 12+ inches

How much does a cubic yard weigh? 

Weights vary greatly between products. Each product should have it's own specific weight but even then weights vary for individual products at times due certain variables. But generally most rock, soil and sand are 1.25 tons per cubic yard. There are exceptions that include but are not limited to: road base (heavier), paver sand (heavier), pathway mix (heavier), lava rock (lighter).

-No.  Cobble rock should be figured by adding at least an inch more than the actual size of the rock.  Example 1:   3-4” cobble cannot be figured at 2” deep.  3-4” cobble is already deeper than 2”.  It will need to be calculated at 5” deep to get good coverage or you will have the ground/earth showing through the gaps.  Example 2:   If you are figuring for 2-3” cobble, you would figure that at 4” deep.  Please call our office for help on figuring these calculations if you are having trouble.
How do I calculate how many boulders I need?  
-If you are using them for landscape accents, good news! You decide how many and what size! In this case, they are pretty easy to figure out.  
-Boulders are more complicated to figure out if you are building a retaining wall. If you have hired an excavator or someone else will be placing your boulders, please always refer to them for guidance as they know how many boulders and what size they will need for your wall.  
How do I place an order?
-You may place an order online or by calling our office at 801-938-3884. If you have several product questions, it is recommended that you call our office or you can use the online chat.  
I need multiple products.  Can I still place an order online?  
-Although our order system will allow you to order more than one product at a time, it is best that you call us to place multiple product orders.  In this way, we are able to make best scenario decisions that a computer just can’t do.  It will help everyone avoid any confusion or disappointment with multiple products being placed in the same load for delivery and products mixing together.
When my order is delivered, where do you put my order?  
Standard Drop Site:
-A standard drop site would be at your curb/gutter, park strip, street, end of driveway/RV pad.
Can you drive on my property to put my order where it is easier for me to move?
-Sometimes.  There are a lot of factors that come into consideration.  Some of them are but are not limited to:  sprinkler lines, weather (moisture in the ground), slope of the ground, crossing concrete/asphalt, transitioning on and off concrete/asphalt, power lines, gate/fence widths and clearance, trees/shrubbery in the delivery path.  If it is at all possible to drop in a designated area, this will be completely at the driver’s discretion.  Rock Utah and its affiliates will not and cannot make guarantees that there will not be damage to your property when being asked to make a special drop.
There is an empty lot right next to/behind me.  Can you drive through that lot and drop my order in my yard?
-Most likely not. Especially if ANY construction has been started.  You, the homeowner are taking on a huge responsibility if you are asking us to cross property that isn’t yours.  You must have the property owner's permission and you are taking on responsibility if anything is damaged just like you would if it is your own property.  
Why is my delivery charge figured at the very end of my order?
-The delivery charge can only be calculated after all other information has been entered.  We calculate what size of vehicle is needed to bring your order and then how far it has to travel.  
Why is my delivery charge so much?
-The most straightforward answer to this is that the trucks that bring your orders are under extreme conditions all day long.  They are in the dirt, mud, water, heat, cold on a daily basis.  Wear and tear on these vehicles are so much higher than an ordinary vehicle.  The repairs and maintenance are extremely expensive.  
When/how do I pay for my order?
-You may pay for your order at any time up to the time we deliver your product/s.  We can accept a debit/credit card over the phone, however, the driver is not set up to take a debit/credit card. You may pay the driver with cash or check.
What credit cards do you accept?
-American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, JCB

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