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A1 Engineered Fill

A screened and sized engineered fill material meeting the specifications of A1 ..

$5.25 / Ton

Mason Sand

A washed mason sand often used in concrete mixes ..

$27.50 / Ton

Road Base | Commercial

Mix of dirt and rock for backfill and subbase. Proctor available upon request. Applications Inclu..

$5.75 / Ton

Road Base | Limestone

A limestone based road base Applications Include SubbaseRoad Base Backfill ..

$6.75 / Ton

Road Base | Recycled

Recycled road base is produced from recycled concrete. Applications Include Subbase Backf..

$5.75 / Ton

Road Base | UDOT State Spec

Delivered directly from the POM (Point of Mountain) Pit this State Spec road base is suitable for ma..

$8.50 / Ton

1/2" Fill (Non Spec)

Actual max size aggregate may vary and be up to 1". Usually was a proctor and can reach required 90%..

$3.00 / Ton

Slag Fines

Great top coat for pathways.  Safe and economical choice for many landscape installations...

$25.00 / Ton

Track Out Rock

Sized cobble rock used for track out pads.  Depending on your project location and requirements..

$25.00 / Cubic Yard