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1-2" South Town Pebbles

1-2" South Town Pebbles

1-2" South Town Pebbles
1-2" South Town Pebbles
1-2" South Town Pebbles
1-2" South Town Pebbles
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5" = 65 Square Feet

4" = 80 Square Feet

3" = 110 Square Feet

2" = 160 Square Feet

1" = 310 Square Feet

Dump truck delivery starting at $75


 / Cubic Yard

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1-2" South Town Pebbles might be perfect for your next xeriscape project.  Use as a dry river bed, rock garden filler and more.

Applications Include

  • Xeriscape Landscaping

NOTICE:  Product is washed but may contain between 0-5% fines.  Color and gradation may vary.  Roundness and sharpness may vary.

June 10, 1015 - The name of this product was changed from 1-3" South Town Pebbles to 1-2" South Town Pebbles to better reflect the overall size of the product even though there wasn't a change in the actual size itself.

HISTORY:  Due to unexpected changes to the production process with this product since 2013 sizes, color, mix and roundness have varied more than normal.  If you ordered this product between those years we highly recommend you discuss with a sale rep of your previous purchase to make sure your next order matches up as much as possible.


Product Information
AvailabilityOften Available
Cleanliness When DeliveredFairly Clean
SharpnessConsiderably Smooth
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